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12,000 miles in 40 Days

Route and Itinerary

Journey Start Date: May 27, 2012.
Leave London, Ontario, Canada at 08:00 hrs (local time).

1) First major stop - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Played minor league pro baseball for Cedar Rapids Cardinals, 1972 - visit ballpark and old haunts.

2) Death Valley via Las Vegas - hottest place on the planet (averages over 100 degrees F, June through August, annually).

3) San Andreas Fault - San Francisco area (Hwy 280).

4) Redwoods National Park/Forest(s) - among the oldest/largest living organisms on earth - known to some as the "Cathedral of Giants". - via San Francisco to Oregon.

5) North to Alaska - via Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and the Yukon.

6) Arrive at Fairbanks, AK. - around June 20, 2012.
Enjoy "24 hrs of daylight".

7) North to the Arctic Ocean - Highlight of the journey - Take Dalton Hwy (aka THE HAUL ROAD) to Prudoe Bay, AK. - approximately 500 miles north from Fairbanks; goes over Brooks Range (approx 5000'). Prudoe Bay, which is mainly oil well/production related, is adjoined by Deadhorse, AK. I hope to dip into the Arctic Ocean. This will be exciting! Did I say that most motorcycle enthusiasts do this leg on a "dual sport" enduro type of motorcycle? Don't tell this to my '04 dresser.

8) Begin journey back south via Alaskan Hwy - to Edmonton, AB.

9) On to Lewiston, Idaho - Played minor league pro baseball for Lewiston Broncs in 1971 (St. Louis Cardinal affiliate) - visit ballpark and old haunts.

10) On to Sturgis, SD. - see "Crazy Horse" memorial, and various "motorcycle pilgrimage" attractions.

11) Homeward bound to London.

The List

Methodology - It's important to pack light & practical, but to take what is required to do the trip safely.

- first aid kit, insect repellent/net, matches, sun screen , energy bar(s) & water.
- 2004 Harley dresser, aka Electra-Glide Classic + tools, e/w lowers & heated grips.
- large canvas (waterproof) duffel bag + tie downs.
- tent - one man + sleeping bag.
- "point of view" video cams (2).
- cell phone.
- 2 gas cans - 1 for each saddlebag + octane booster, air compressor.
- bear "pepper spray".
- utility knife(s)
- rain suit (2 piece) - large enough to fit over other gear.
- heated "under" jacket.
- winter insulated coveralls
- leathers - jacket & chaps.
- riding boots, rubber galoshes, running shoes.
- 3 pairs of gloves - 1 pr. waterproof.
- riding underwear & miscellaneous thermal garments, balaclava, etc.
- everyday clothes (minimal - buy as required)

From Days Gone By

This photo was taken May 30, 1973 of me on my 1973 dresser, after returning from a ride to Florida. It was taken at my girlfriend Donna's place in London, Ontario, Canada. And yes, it's the same Donna I'm married to.


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